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Happy National Coming Out Day 2022!

Happy #NationalComingOutDay! It's been five years (!!), to the month, since Media Diversified published my coming out open letter FREE TOY INCLUDED.

photo: person in a grey hoody eating nuggets and fries out of a chinese rice bowl, one hand holding chopsticks clamped around a single nugget, the other hand holding a mcdonalds soft drink

Surreal to think there was a point in my life I had no idea I was aroace. People sometimes talk about labels being these dividers that separate us, but when you spend your whole life wondering if you're "broken", finding out there is an entire community of people who feel and think just like you... it can make you feel whole.

Labels can help us understand ourselves better, and I will always be grateful to the fandoms and the friends who helped me find mine.

To all my asexual and/or aromantic siblings, including those who don't feel safe coming out yet: Thank you for existing. Just knowing you're out there makes me feel less alone in the world.


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